Antique Oriental Carpet & Kilim Private Collection Accessible by Petter A. Haug


       Here's presented what some now mean are the most important
private collection of antique and a few semi antique rugs and kilims in
      Northern Europe.
The collection is built up through more than 45 years with
searching for perfect colours, design, qualities and very good condition.

      The collection comes from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Caucasus, Turkey and

      Persia. It represents Rugs and Kilims from nomads, tribes, confederations, districts, villages and cities.

        NOTE: Most of the best objects and photos are usually localized on the last pages at the end of each section.


      All objects in this collection are graded in terms of condition with numbers from 1

       to 6, there 6 is the best, meaning that objects classified as 6 has almost never have been used.
         All the objects have good colors, condition and without point wear, and in addition cleaned and prepared.


         This website is documentation of my private collection of antique and very

         few semi antique Rugs and Kilims. My website includes # 518 objects. If you have

          any opinion about this collection or individual objects, please feel free to contact me by email.


         ⇒  As soon as it becomes possible to travel again;

        there are some stakeholders who come to study my collection.

       Yours Sincerely Petter Andreas Haug &

        Adr.: Kaj Munksvei 41 B, 0876 Oslo, NORWAY  Email: and