Antique Oriental Carpet & Kilim Private Collection Accessible by Petter A. Haug

 Here's presented what many now mean are the most important 
private collection of antique and semi antique rugs, kilims and sumac in
Northern Europe. The collection is built up through approximately 45 years with 
enthusiasm, searching for excellent colours, design, qualities and very good condition!

The collection comes from Afghanistan, Caucasus, Central Asia, Persia, Turkmenistan

   and Turkey. It represents Rugs and Kilims from nomads, tribes, confederations, villages and cities

     as well. NOTE This: My latest finding and the best photos is usually localized at the end of each section.


      All objects in this collection are graded in terms of condition with 

  numbers from 1 to 6, there 6 is the best, meaning that these objects almost
   never have been used. All objects have good colors, condition and without point wear.


  This website is documentation of my private collection of antique and a few semi

  antique Rugs, Kilims and a few Sumacs. My website includes # 504 objects in the moment.

   If you have any opinion about my collection or individual objects, please feel free to contact me by email.


    Especially Murat Öztürk, but also the brothers Ahmet & Necati Kökoğlu from

     Istanbul, and finally Reza Amin from Gothenburg has long supported my collection.

   Yours Sincerely Petter A. Haug &

   Adr: Kaj Munksvei 41 B, 0876 Oslo, NORWAY      Email: