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Local area/Design: 013/1 Yahyali, Mihrab as Pil. & Medal.

Area/City/Country: Kayseri Pro. Cappadocia Reg. Ce. Ana.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 4
Size in cm: 187 x 102
Comments: Gray blue aniline colour. This unusual design has seldom been used after 1900

Local area/Design: 015/1 Chan, Flow. Med. On Red Field

Area/City/Country: Fethiye, Muğla Provi. Aegean Region
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 4
Size in cm: 167 x 101
Comments: Good harmonized colours. Beautiful open primary border. Nice kilim ends

Local area/Design: 032/1 Isiklar, Three Med. On Red Field

Area/City/Country: Isiklar Vil. Konya Reg. So.Ce. Anato.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 6 - Chest Stored
Size in cm: 152 x 102
Comments: Beautiful colour balance. Juicy wool. Open design. Nice kelim & border

Local area/Design: 033/1 Fethiye, Palm. Med. on Red Field

Area/City/Country: Fethiye, Mugla Provi. Aegean Region
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 2-3
Size in cm: 147 x 94
Comments: Short pile. Good colours & design. An eye catcher & nice as wall decoration

Local area/Design: 035/1 Herki, Hartushis Tr. Ak-Su Si.Po.

Area/City/Country: Noma. Kurd. Hakkari Pro. So.Ea. Anat.
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5 - Rough Tribe Work
Size in cm: 304 x 114
Comments: Plenty soft red colours. Very primitive & artistic huge Ak-Su similar motifs

Local area/Design: 109 Karacadag, Kulu, Prayer Rug

Area/City/Country: Kulu Dist. Konya Prov. Cent. Anato.
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 5
Size in cm: 170 x 110
Comments: Shiny wool. Exceptional nice colours & life giving abrach. Beautiful prayer rug

Local area/Design: 219 Gelveri, Greeks, Flo. & Bor. Des.

Area/City/Country: Aksaray City & Prov. Cent. Anatolian
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 5-6
Size in cm: 99 x 44 - Yastic Rug, Sack
Comments: Harmonized good colours. Open decent design. Nice wool and work. Attractive

Local area/Design: 228 Sarkisla, Sivas, Hooked Diamonds

Area/City/Country: Nom. Tribe, Kurd. Sivas Pro. Cen. Ana.
Probable age/Condition: 1870 / 5 - Some Call it Cat Step Design
Size in cm: 220 x 99
Comments: Exciting aubergine and blue colours. Resilient and strong shining wool. Very attractive Kurdish tribe work as I see it

Local area/Design: 231 Taspinar, Chain & Cent. Medal.

Area/City/Country: Taspinar, Aksaray Prov. Cent. Anat.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 4-5
Size in cm: 110 x 55 - Yastic Rug
Comments: Nice colours. Shining wool. Perfect design. Simply beautiful & very cute

Local area/Design: 245 Kozak, Gre. Tr. Kaik. in Hausi Me.

Area/City/Country: Semi No. Bergama Pr. Izmir Reg. Wes.
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 4-5
Size in cm: 87 x 42 - Yastic Rug
Comments: Characteristic open medallions against soft aubergine ground colour. Exciting

Local area/Design: 255 Omeranli, Cihanbeyli, Kars Medda.

Area/City/Country: Reswan Kurd. Tri. Konya Pro. Ce.Anat.
Probable age/Condition: 1880 / 5
Size in cm: 148 x 125
Comments: Great variations of beautiful colours, including wonderful Apricot colour. Very strong wool. Good Kaikalak border. Especially artistic tribe art

Local area/Design: 271 Zara, Sivas, Vertical Str. with S Pat.

Area/City/Country: Arm. Zara Dis. Sivas Pro. Ea.Ce. Anato.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 4-5
Size in cm: 325 x 130 - Quite Big Size
Comments: Beautiful sparkling balanced colours. Shiny strong wool. Artistic & exciting

Local area/Design: 279 Zara, Bra. Flo. & Med. on Blu. Fie.

Area/City/Country: Arm. Zara Tow. Sivas, Ea.Ce. Anatolia
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 5 - Small Variations To no. 321
Size in cm: 182 x 142 - In Couple With no. 321
Comments: Much uncoloured shiny wool. Fantastic balance in colours & pattern. A beauty

Local area/Design: 296 Yahyali, Zile, Pr.Ru. Chu. Si. Mir.

Area/City/Country: Cappadocia Re. Kayseri Pr. Ce. Anat.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 5
Size in cm: 177 x 103
Comments: Great blue colour & abrash. Synagogue, Mosque & Church in the Border. Great

Local area/Design: 313 Gaziantep, Holbein M. Kaikalak B.

Area/City/Country: Kur. Reshwan Tri. Antep, Kilis pr. Ana.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 5
Size in cm: 202 x 138
Comments: Good colours. Exciting main border & ending. Shiny strong wool. Exciting

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