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Local area/Design: 022/2 Bakhtiar, Pirbalut, Med. in Med.

Area/City/Country: Tri. Con. Shahrekord, Chaharmahal Pr.
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 4
Size in cm: 200 x 138
Comments: Good colours. Medallion in med. etc. surrounded by soft design. Charming expression. From the Pirbalut village

Local area/Design: 023/2 Bijar, Kurdish, Small Medal.

Area/City/Country: Kurdistan Prov. North West Pers.
Probable age/Condition: 1960 / 5-6 - Very High Quality
Size in cm: 340 x 220 - Main Carpet
Comments: Not very old, but compare to age is it a great example of newer production

Local area/Design: 027/2 Senneh, Flow. & Leafs All Over

Area/City/Country: Kurd, Sanandadj, Kordistan Pr. We. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 4-5 - Wall Hung
Size in cm: 212 x 160 “On Silk Warp”
Comments: Extraordinary good balance in colours and pattern. Tight Knotted. Really a great masterpiece you seldom see

Local area/Design: 028/2 Tekkentepe (Like Bijar) 3 Med.

Area/City/Country: Nomadic, Afchar, Gerus, No.We. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 5
Size in cm: 295 x 115 “Small Runner”
Comments: Shining and strong wool. Good colours. Some abrach. Well done tribe carpet

Local area/Design: 033/2 Bijar, Kurdish, Herati Pat. Al.Ov.

Area/City/Country: Nomadic, Kurdistan Pro. No.We. Pers.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 4-5
Size in cm: 205 x 125
Comments: Shiny and strong wool with nice blue colour. Attractive Herati pattern!

Local area/Design: 034/2 Kermanshah, Medal. in Medal.

Area/City/Country: Nom. Kur. Kermanshah Pro. Wes. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5
Size in cm: 275 x 137 - Great Size
Comments: Beautiful colours with strong abrach all over. Shiny nice wool. Primitive charm

Local area/Design: 035/2 Qashqai, Medallion in Medallion

Area/City/Country: Nom. Conf. Shiraz Region, Fars Prov.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 3
Size in cm: 204 x 171
Comments: Very good colours. Classic and exciting pattern. Very decorative, but short pile

Local area/Design: 036/2 Bakhtiar, Bibibaff, Very old Med.

Area/City/Country: Tri. Con. Chahal Shotur, Chahâr Mahâl
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 5 - Bibibaff - Gol Farang Border
Size in cm: 194 x 148 - Very Tightly Knotted
Comments: Better colours and craft do not exist. Rarely beautiful Gol Farang main border. Special artistic masterpiece

Local area/Design: 038/2 Bijar, Kurdish, Herati Pat. Al.Ov.

Area/City/Country: Kurdistan Provi. Bijar City, N.W. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 4-5 - Very Tightly Knotted
Size in cm: 220 x 140
Comments: Beautiful & harmonized colours. Very good Herati pattern. One of the best

Local area/Design: 170 Zanjan, 2 Geometric Medallions

Area/City/Country: Kurdish, Zanjan Prov. No.We. Pers.
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5
Size in cm: 245 x 132
Comments: Shining powerful undyed wool in the big medallions. Very exciting design

Local area/Design: 175 Kashan, Flow. Vase, Boteh Pat.

Area/City/Country: Kashan City & Cou. Isfahan Pr. Ce. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 5 - Tightly Knotted ”Kork Wool”
Size in cm: 202 x 133
Comments: Exceptional beautiful colours. Nice wool. Unusual corners and border.

Local area/Design: 178 Tuiserkan, 2 Med. & Smal. Details

Area/City/Country: Alvand Mou. Sou. of Ham. No.We. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 5-6 - Probably Just Wall Hung
Size in cm: 214 x 135
Comments: Harmonized colours and lots of camel hair. Extraordinary artistic village work. Particularly rare and beautiful rug

Local area/Design: 180 Hamadan, Inspired by Lilihan Des.

Area/City/Country: Armen. Nom. Hamadan Pro. We. Pers.
Probable age/Condition: Dated 1917 / 5
Size in cm: 185 x 122
Comments: Deep clear and beautiful blue ground colour. Exciting open floral pattern

Local area/Design: 186 Sarab, Nearby Heriz, Floral Swaths

Area/City/Country: East Azerbaijan Prov. No. We. Persia
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5
Size in cm: 194 x 109
Comments: Good colours surrounded by natural camel hair. Very charming example

Local area/Design: 193 Ferahan Mahal, Gar. Flo.& Bot.

Area/City/Country: Mahallat Ci. Ferahan Di. Markazi Pro.
Probable age/Condition: 1880 / 5-6 - Used On the Wall
Size in cm: 210 x 144
Comments: Quiet and powerful harmonized colours in the same time. Beautiful wool, work and especially design which is seldom

Home - www.carpetcollection.no

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