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Local area/Design: 001/1 Kolyai, Kurd. Mina Khani Patte.

Area/City/Country: No. Tr. Sonqur, Kermanshah Pr. N.W.
Probable age/Condition: 1880 / 4-5
Size in cm: 290 x 113 - A Bit Long
Comments: Really beautiful colours. Nice abrash. Open Mina Khani pattern in blue field.

Local area/Design: 002/1 Lambaran, Anchor Me. Arab Bor.

Area/City/Country: Varzaqan Cou. Eas. Azer. Pro. N.W. Per.
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 4-5
Size in cm: 198 x 129
Comments: Appealing colours and typical ancient medallion. Very attractive Caucasian Lambalo Kazak similar main border

Local area/Design: 014/1 Bakhtiar, Sumac Technique

Area/City/Country: Nom. Tribe, Con. Kur. Chahar Mahal
Probable age/Condition: 1940 / 5
Size in cm: 83 x 66 - Medium Size Saddle Bag
Comments: Coarsely made with Sumac technique. Anyway, quite charming and decorative

Local area/Design: 017/1 Bakhtiar, Sumac Technique

Area/City/Country: Nom. Tribe, Conf. Kurd. Chahar Mahal
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 5-6 - A Bit Goat & Donkey Hair
Size in cm: 95 x 61 - Saddle Bag
Comments: Unusual beautiful done. Very nice colours. Decent good open pattern

Local area/Design: 018/1 Zanjan, Staff Medal. & Symbo.

Area/City/Country: Kurd. Zanjan Prov. No. We. Persia
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5
Size in cm: 188 x 115
Comments: Nice wool and colours. Classic small medallion & symbols. Attractive border

Local area/Design: 021/1 Bakhtiar, Sumac Technique

Area/City/Country: Nom. Tribe, Conf. Kurd. Chahar Mahal
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 5 - A Bit Cotton, Donkey Tail
Size in cm: 123 x 104 - Large Saddle Bag
Comments: Nice correct colours. Very good work. Appealing classic regular pattern

Local area/Design: 022/1 Bakhtiar, Arm. Sarve-o Kadj Pa.

Area/City/Country: Tri. Con. Roozbeh, Feridan, Cha. Mah.
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 5-6 - Especially Nicely Treated
Size in cm: 205 x 149
Comments: Rare & exciting colour combination. Charming garden or polygons design

Local area/Design: 024/1 Zanjan, Herati Pat. on Blue Field

Area/City/Country: Kurd. Zanjan Prov. North West Persia
Probable age/Condition: 1900 / 5
Size in cm: 224 x 131
Comments: Soft & quiet colours. Lots of blue. Very rythmical pattern. Wide Hertai border

Local area/Design: 026/1 Bakhtiar, Arm. Meda. in Meda.

Area/City/Country: Tribe, Confe. Feridan, Chahar Mahal
Probable age/Condition: 1910 / 5
Size in cm: 210 x 150
Comments: Good wool. Bright beautiful colours. Very attractive broad distinct design

Local area/Design: 027/1 Afshar, 2 Kerman Vase Motif

Area/City/Country: Semi Nom. Turk. Tribe, Sout Persia
Probable age/Condition: 1890 / 5
Size in cm: 74 x 70 - Bagface Rug
Comments: Good colours. Exciting borders and symbolsin the corners. Nice tribe work

Local area/Design: 028/1 Mazlaghan, Med. & Zigzag Line

Area/City/Country: Kerdar & Noberan, Taleghan, Alborz
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5
Size in cm: 195 x 127
Comments: Fresh colours and characteristic design with zigzag line. Very well done work

Local area/Design: 034/1 Bakhtiar, Sumac Technique

Area/City/Country: Nom. Trib. Conf. Kurd. Chahâr Mahâl
Probable age/Condition: 1945 / 6
Size in cm: 123 x 104 - Large Saddle Bag
Comments: Decorative with simple colours. Good work, but should have been much older

Local area/Design: 037/1 Zanjan Khamseh, Medal. Herati.

Area/City/Country: Kajaluk Vil. Zanjan Prov. No.We. Pers.
Probable age/Condition: 1930 / 5-6 - Mostly Stored
Size in cm: 209 x 126 - Edged Medallion & Herati
Comments: Beautiful harmonized colours. Especially shiny lambs wool. Many angled medallion with almost anchor and Herati design. Very soft expression

Local area/Design: 038/1 Senneh, Medallion in Medallion

Area/City/Country: Sanandadj, The capitol of Kurdistan
Probable age/Condition: 1950 / 6 - Only Stored
Size in cm: 156 x 120
Comments: Good example compared to age. It is too young, but has everything & is a particularly charming small Senneh rug

Local area/Design: 043/1 Endjilas, Stylised Flow. Pat. A.O.

Area/City/Country: Turkish Tri. So.Ea. Hamadan Pr. We. P.
Probable age/Condition: 1920 / 5-6 - Probely Wall Hung Only
Size in cm: 192 x 123
Comments: Very nice colours. Rhythmical design. Shining & buoyant wool. X attractive!

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